10-Day Health Rejuvenation Camp

In Arogya Mandir, Gorakhpur, we treat the body and mind by Nature-cure methods and Yoga in its purest basic form. The Naturopathy harnesses the self-curative forces, which are present in our body to help you move towards health and healing. We teach and treat you to lead a healthy natural life only in 10 days. We nurse you back to that happy feeling of fitness and well-being. We chalk out a special 10-day programme for every individual taking part in the camp on the basis of complete medical check-ups and pathological examination. The programme includes :-

Hydrotherapy Wet Sheet Pack, Hot-Foot Bath, Alternative Hot-Cold Hip Bath,
Leg-Gush, Cold Friction Hip Bath, Hot and Cold Fomentations,
Abdominal, Chest and Leg Pack..
Mud-Therapy Local Mud Pack, Face Pack, Abdomenal Mud Pack and Whole Body
Mud Pack.
Yoga and Pranayam For conditioning of body and mind .
Exercises To increase blood circulation and fitness of the body.
Warm Bath To relieve stiffness and joint pains.
Steam Bath For stimulating and releasing toxins.
Massage For better blood circulation.
Diet A well-planned high fibre, nutritious vegetarian diet inclusive of dry
fruits and nuts, fresh fruit and its juices, salads, sprouts etc.


Every year health camp is organised in month of March and October including one day trip to "AYODHYA"


Accommodation1st Person2nd PersonTotal
A.C. Deluxe Suite ₹ 50,000/- ₹ 25,000/- ₹ 75,000/-
A.C. Suite ₹ 40,000/- ₹ 20,000/- ₹ 60,000/-
Ordinary Suite ₹ 30,000/- ₹ 22,000/- ₹ 52,000/-

Date may be confirm on Phone or by mail.
Contact No. :+91- 9336418268
Email ID : drvkmodi@gmail.com
Payments are made directly via Bank Transfer in favour of following Account details:-


Account Number: 10346042068

BanK: State Bank of India

Branch: BRD Medical College Gorakhpur.

IFS Code: SBIN-0003168

Send a copy of Bank Deposit Slip to Arogya Mandir.