Founder of Arogya Mandir

Dr. Vithal Das Modi was born on 25th April 1912, in Gorakhpur (U. P.). He founded Arogya Mandir (Nature-Cure Hospital) in 1940 and the Gorakhpur School Of Natural Therapeutics in 1962 in Gorakhpur (India). The Hospital has 140 beds housed in natural environment and the school trains 70 to 100 students per year in principles and practice of Nature-Cure. Studied in Benaras Hindu University. Participated in the Indian Freedom Struggle. Became committed naturopath of All India repute. Was a multidimensional personality: naturopath, litterateur and philanthropist. Remained special teacher of 'Vipassana' meditation propounded by Gautam the Buddha, till death.

Was vice-president of All-India Nature-Cure council for 3 terms. Was adviser to the Health Minister of India 3 times in Nature-Cure Research Council for carrying out research work in naturopathy. Was Member on the Committee for formulation of syllabus for four-year course of collegiate training in Nature-Cure, constituted by the former Health Minister of Uttar Pradesh State. Worked as Emeritus Lecturer of Gandhi Nature-Cure College, Hyderabad (recognised by Government of India). Was life-long consultant to the Dr. Modi's Karjat Health Resort' (second Arogya Mandir).

Edited 'Arogya' - monthly health magazine - being published since 1947 - having circulation of about 12 thousand. Also edited 'Jeevan Sakha' and 'Jeevan Sahitya' magazines. 27 publications of Arogya series are available. Details are given under heading publications.

He authored many books on Nature-Cure. His widely acclaimed book 'Rogon ki Saral Chikitsa' has been published in 14 editions. Its English version is 'Nature-Cure for Common Diseases'. Written 'Dugdha-Kalp' (Milk-treatment). And 'Jeene Ki Kala' (Art of Living); lastly 'Yaaden' (Memoirs) and 'Sukhmaya Burhapa' (Comfortable Old-age). While in the jail during freedom struggle, he translated 'Return to Nature' written by Adolf Just from English into Hindi, named 'Prakritik Jeevan Ki Oar'. Also translated 'Life of Buddha' written by learned Buddha Scholar Siddhatissa, from English into Hindi, named 'Buddha - Jeevan aur Darshan'.

He passed away on 23rd, march, 2000.


Dr. Vitthal Das Modi's Maxims


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