Massage Therapy:- Oil Massage improves blood cerculation. It gives oxygen to body, improves skin functions by cleaning skin pores, excretion of toxins by sweat.

Mud Therapy:- Mud has immense influence on human body and in sickness. Its therapeutic value in naturopathy cannot be overemphasised. Its application on affected part of the body improves blood circulation, lessens the inflammation in the area, increases absorption and elimination, draws away toxins. Mud should be clayee, free from pollution and contamination, taken out from 3 feet deep. Foriegn matter and impurities should be removed from it. It should be powdered and stored at clean place. Before application it should be soaked in water for a minimum of 24 hours.

Sun Therapy:- The sun is important for the very existence of life on earth: the plant life, marine life and animal life. The effect of sun rays on the human body, is imoportant for proper growth, especially of our young ones. Imbalance of colours in body causes diseases. Sun rays of different colours have wonderful effects on the human body for curing diseases. During sun bath, sun rays are passed on to the body through glasses of various colours.

Yoga Asanas:- Yoga controls human eemotions and helps in building a total personality and is a power to active better living. The therapeutic use of yoga is widely known. The purpose of yoga is to establish harmony between body and mind which leads to healthy and diseasefree life.

Hydro Therapy:- This includes hip bath, enema, spinal spray, steam and sauna, hot foot and arm baths, leg gush. Hip bath: It is given as cold, natural, hot and at alternative temperatures in hip-bath tub. It is useful in abdominal diseases, relieves constipation, indigestion, obesity, reduces inflammation of uterus, pelvic organs, piles, hepatic and spleenic congestion urinary inconvenience, etc.

Exercises:- Regular exercises are immensely important for keeping a good health. Physical exercises are of many kinds, such as using free hand exercises, walking for physical fitness and various kinds of games etc. The effect of all these exercises on general health is to tone up the body. In Arogya Mandir a patient can take suitable exercises under guidence considering his general health condition, physical fitness, age etc.

Walking:- Walking has been described to be the easiest and the best exercise for all ages and in almost all conditions, Arogya Mandir has 230 metre long walking track which runs arround the entire campus including the greenland of Arogya Mandir.