Gorakhpur School of Natural Therapeutics

We run a School for Naturopathy, named Gorakhpur School of Natural Therapeutics, located in campus of Arogya Mandir, Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) 273 003 (INDIA). This school produces nearly a hundred Doctors of naturopathy (N. D.) every year. The School conducts one year correspondence course followed by In-house practical training of 2 months in January and February every year. During practical training, we teach students various exercises, from which they can choose exercises and yoga for patients or healthy persons suitable for them. Students are taught how to cook in a natural way that keeps food wholesome and nutritive as much as possible. Above all, we teach students to understand the psychology of patients because patients of all categories - poor, rich and mediocre - have different examinations thinking. The more a Doctor knows the psychology of the patients,the better his practice will be. On completion of 12 months, after admission, student is eligible for two-month practical training from 1st January and most appear at in last week of February.

Prospectus of the school :

Medium of institution is Hindi*, students are allowed to answer the exam in Hindi or English.Twenty-four books covering almost the full course are prescribed. Students have to subscribe to Monthly Arogya magazine to remain in touch with latest information.

*Note: For an additional fee, it is possible to have all the classes interpreted in English. Contact the school for further information.

Charges for two months practical training :

Tuition fee per month

₹ 16,100/-

6 Beded Dormitory per month per student


Double-bedded suite per month per student

₹ 12,500/-

Single Room suite per month

₹ 25,000/-

The mess charges are extra which come to approximately ₹ 5,000/- ₹ per month.

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* Fees are submitted two week before starting Practical classes.

Payments are made directly via Bank Transfer in favour of following Account details:-


Account Number: 10346042068

BanK: State Bank of India

Branch: BRD Medical College Gorakhpur.

IFS Code: SBIN-0003168

Send a copy of Bank Deposit Slip to Arogya Mandir.